About Sascha

Sascha's journey into the psychic world has not been an easy one, but one that led her to change her life.

When she was 18 years old, she came up with the idea of a fortune teller character to raise money for her school at the summer fete. She had everything to set the scene - a tent, a makeshift crystal ball and a brief read of a palmistry book the night before. What she didn't expect was an extremely long queue and feedback to her mother and grandmother that everything she said was spot on!

They took her round the local fetes to see if this was a fluke, but the same thing happened! A year later, people who saw her before wanted another reading and yet again the same thing happened! That year she also discovered she had mediumship tendancies when reading for a client. Straight after that, she told her mother what had happened and was told that all the women on her mother's side of the family were of Romani Gypsy descent and had 'The Gift'.

After that shock, Sascha did a lot of soul searching and research into Spiritual paths whilst developing her craft and doing her readings. After a while, she discovered Christo-Paganism and settled into her craft, rather than being scared of it like those before her. Now she helps guide others on the right life path and helps those who want to find their true Spiritual paths.

She now to date has 18 years experience behind her and specialises in Clairsentient Mediumship, Tarot (including Angel Tarot Cards), Oracle, Palmistry, Scrying (Crystal Ball), Psychometry, Spiritual Healing and Guidance.

She is also currently training to be an Holistic Life Coach.

She not only does private one to one readings, but psychic/tarot parties, ghost hunts, psychic suppers, hen parties, corporate work, psychic fayres and more.

Sascha is fully insured with Salon Gold

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